Network Protocol

The ISO8583 interface to Zone will be over TCP/IP. The application data will be prefixed by a 2- byte length header field (Binary) indicating the length of the application data to follow.

ISO8583 Bitmap

Zone supports ASCII ISO bitmap representations. ASCII ISO8583 bitmap representation is either 16 or 32 byte representation of the bitmap in Hex.

Message Type Codes

Message type codes are used to identify the general function of messages, and one Message type code is required in each message. Zone supports the message types shown in the following table for both inbound and outbound messages. The message types in the table are divided according to the ISO8583 standard message classes.

Message TypeTypeDescription
Authorization0100Authorization Transaction request
0110Authorization Transaction response
Financial0200Financial Transaction request
0210Financial Transaction response
Reversal0420Reversal Advice
0421Reversal Advice Repeat
0430Reversal Advice Response
Network0800Network Management Request
0810Network Management Request Response